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ion.Li&rsquo●;s team, with mem●bers from vario■us years and b◆acking from wha◆t is now a un○iversity san〓ctioned e-sport◆s club, is◆ in better shap■e than the one at pr○estigious Pek■ing University, whos〓e captain, Ge Jiadi●, said it was◆ made up only ●of freshmen and had〓 received no hel○p from anyone●. No Peking Unive〓rsity team wo■n through to t○he national champi〓onship.Desp〓ite the fact that● many universi○ty e-sports te●ams and clubs● in China are man●aged by studen◆ts themselves,〓 gaming has ea■rned a place i○n the academic wor●ld, with many ○universities○ starting ◆e-sports cl

asses.In● September ○2016, the Minist○ry of Education li○sted “e-s●ports and m●anagement” ○as a major 〓for college■s, paving th■e way for hig○her-educatio〓n institutes ○to offer e-spor◆ts-related〓 courses and off■icial diplomas◆.However, creating m●ore world-class e-●sports gamer■s is not China&rsquo●;s priority, with t◆he courses focus◆ing on the ne●ed to produce mo●re game designe■rs, to

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urna〓ment managers and〓 e-sports broadcast○ers.According t●o an e-sports ●industry survey rel●eased by internet○ giant Tencent&rs●quo;s Penguin ●Intelligence th●ink tank in June, 57◆0,000 positions wi〓ll need to be ●filled in l〓eague manage●ment, medi○a production, data● mining, commenta〓ting and training.■ It also said 85 p○ercent of positio○ns in the ●industry were under◆staffed.Fourteen y●ears ago, ◆Communicatio◆n Universit■y of China beca◆me one of the fi○rst colleges in th■e country t■o offer degre●es in game desig◆n, and it added◆ an e-sports-●dedicated su●bject, digital medi●a art, las●t year aimed at furt■her developing 〓gaming managemen○t and design talent◆.The